Maybe she’ll invite me to the next one? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please see my last post.

Molly was so excited that we got so many hits that she has decided to challenge me as a parent of a teenager as much as possible.?

More so, she believes that she should be my new director of marketing. The picture above is her suggesting how I can fulfill her dreams by working a little more.

Speaking of working, what do you work for…?

Does your work, in some way help you to fulfill your dreams?

It’s remarkable how many people are not fulfilled by their work. There are so many of us who don’t like a few aspects of our job, and then we allow that feeling to be the one that dominates our experience.

I had a client this morning who loves most of his work, but can’t stand the complaining that takes place amongst colleagues and customers. It seems to ruin it for him….

Well, what if we decide to look at those complaints in a different way?

When customers complain, they are actually just giving you great insight into how to please them. And when colleagues complain, they are showing you how invested they are about improving things within the business.

You might see these perspectives as a stretch, but I would assert that stretching makes you more flexible, and greater flexibility makes you more adaptable to inevitable change.

If you wanna dive into these ideas a little (or a lot) deeper, please know that what you’ll really be doing is helping support Molly to live her dreams. ?

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