Last night I was out till nearly 2am. This was a common practice in my late teens and early twenties, but has been much less frequent on the back end of my forties. So I’m a bit tired today. Small consequence….

I went to a remote beach not too far from my house with a few guys who I have been friends with for 30-40 years. We watched the sun set, we built a beautiful fire, and we watched the moon rise (the attached photo) all while we deeply explored the areas of our lives where we are finding success, but, more importantly, the areas of our lives where we feel we are falling short.

One guy isn’t feeling he is where he’d like to be in his career.
Another isn’t feeling solid in his relationship.

And the last isn’t feeling like the father he wants to be.

Notice how I used the word feel?

Michael Neill shares his belief that our feelings are the barometer for the quality of our thinking. So if we feel sad or hurt because our belief is that we are falling short, we have an opportunity to alter our thinking to create a preferred result.

When we explored these thoughts more deeply, one guy recognized the incredible freedom he actually has in his job, the other saw all of the aspects of his relationship that are solid, and the last shared stories about his incredible moments of connection with his children.

All of us left feeling stronger, more confident, more capable, and so much more connected. We were built up!

Any place in your life where you feel like you’re falling short, maybe it’s time to change the finish line, see new perspectives, or change the focus of your thoughts. To aim for your preferred thoughts and feelings….

Wouldn’t it be nice to build yourself up everyday rather than continue to carry some sense of inadequacy?

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