Just over a week ago I scored the tournament winning goal for my men’s league soccer team on the Sunshine Coast. When the ball crossed the goal line with only a few minutes left in the game, my whole team screamed out in celebration. They even lifted me off my feet and carried me around. To top it all off, my son, who plays high level soccer for his age, was there to see it.

It was a beautiful moment for me!

I feel quite blessed because I am a really confident person. When a rain drop of self-doubt falls into my ocean of confidence, it becomes confidence. I see the gifts in the self-doubt and use that information to build myself up even more. It has taken me years to really hone this skill, but it has truly helped me step into being as bold as a good coach needs to be in order to help clients see their blindspots, their habituated thought patterns, and realize a route toward the person they want to become.

What scoring that goal helped me realize is that even as a confident person who really appreciates himself, mistakes and blemishes included, I still don’t celebrate myself enough.

I have traditionally thought that it’s the hard times that teach us the most. I am happy to learn that this incredible time also had a beautiful lesson hiding within.

What do you do to celebrate yourself?

“Celebration is the climax of self-love” —Dr. Chelsea Page

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