What first came to mind?

What else comes to mind if you think about it for a while longer?

Whenever I take the opportunity to be coached, I always uncover my resistance….

The questions they ask deepen my understanding of myself. I see the narratives that have been keeping me from changing my life, preventing me from stepping into the effort it will take to accomplish my dreams.

For many, the word effort is tough. Immediately their programming creates resistance, thinking that effort means hard work… and they don’t want to work so hard.

Well this past week a coach I was working with called me lazy. It bugged me. I felt the resistance. The last coach I worked with told me I was the most effortful person he knew. It’s obvious which coach made me feel better, but which coach was the most helpful?

I always want to be REALLY helpful. I would love for you to see the narratives that are preventing you from creating your most beautiful life. I would love to watch you create the change that has you climbing into bed feeling astonished with your incredible fortune. I would love for you to see the limitless possibilities in front of you. I would love for you to feel so deeply connected with yourself and your people that you never feel alone again. I would love for you to be blown away by how every day can feel. I would love to co-create the most empowered you that there has ever been!

Let’s make summer 2023 the best one yet, and let’s start that by sharing that one thing….

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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