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So many of us get shut down by the things that don’t seem to be aligning with our expectations.

Expectations are the precursor to disappointment.

I spent so much of my privileged life in disappointment and it was because of my programming. I believed that I should be able to get what I want and have a smile on my face if I bought the newest thing advertised on TV.

Although I was intermittently gratified, I never found the long-term satisfaction and fulfilment I experience now.

Still… with all the greatness I feel in my life, I manage to create unnecessary suffering around the extent of my influence. I want to have a big impact on the world. I certainly feel the impact I’m having on individuals and their families, but the messaging that keeps running through my head is that it isn’t enough. Not yet!

Just as I create this story in my head, I can create the pathway to resolve it. Learn to feel satisfied now, and that carves the path to continue to feel ongoing satisfaction.

The key is to understand that just as we create the narrative about what isn’t working for us in our lives right now, we can create the narrative that has us feeling satisfied in every moment. If humans can create something as spectacular as the Golden Gate Bridge, they can certainly create a satisfied narrative within their own thoughts.

PM me. I’d love to brainstorm how to make what’s not working for you work for you!

“The next message you need is always right where you are.” —Ram Dass

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