When I worked in palliative care I had so many incredible clients. They would all share the same joke with me upon each visit. They’d say, “Dave, you’ll never guess what happened to me this morning?” And after a short pause and an inquisitive look from me, they would share their brilliant answer, “I woke up!”

They recognized that the most valuable thing they could do with their day had already happened—they had opened their eyes.

Another day to live!

I’m guessing that the majority of you don’t start your day feeling like the miracle of life continues. If you’re like most people it’s more likely that you pray you have enough energy to get to your first cup of coffee.

But taking care of yourself is both a physical and a mental game.

I had two clients in their mid-nineties, veterans, who received incredible benefits for their care:

One of them had a wife that was so dedicated to his care, that we had to convince her to let us put in two hours of caregiving a week so she could leave to buy groceries. She was nourished by the care she was able to provide.

The other had a wife who had 18 hours of caregiving support each day and would get so upset if she’d find a dirty fork in the sink.

The difference was their mindset. One had intentionally chosen to feel nourished by the care she could provide to her partner. The other was trapped in her automated way of thinking which led to her feeling depleted by every moment she had to care for her partner.

Change your mindset, change your life.

Photo: Me taking a day off of work to sit on the beach with my deep thinking, curious, open, loving, supportive besties.

If I dedicate care to myself like I dedicate care to others, everybody wins!

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