I’ll give you a second here to come up with something….

Are they coming true?

Maybe take a moment to check in with your feelings on this….

If your answer is yes, what arbitrary evidence have you manifested that helps you perceive that your dreams are coming true?

I love arbitrary evidence; it’s always malleable ❤️

If your answer is no, what’s missing from your life?

If I may be so bold—when you come up with an answer to what’s missing from your life, think what that thing would bring to your life. When you know what it would bring, that’s what is actually missing. And one can use this process to dig even deeper.

One tool I use to help me stay on track to fulfilling my dreams is a personal Mission Vision and Values guideline.

My mission: World Peace

My Vision: Thorough creating inner peace, one person at a time, we will build individuals’ personal contentment and translate that into their outer world, improving life satisfaction worldwide.

Values: Love, Authenticity, Reciprocity, Determination, Generosity, and Personal Responsibility.

As part of my mission, one of my dreams is to be publicly interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. Now, I don’t know if this will come to fruition, but fantasizing that it will has made life a much more fun journey. Believing that it can happen, having faith, brings me inner peace and improves my life satisfaction.

What are your mission, vision, and values?

What fantasy can you create for your life that really lights you up?

Now, all you have to do is believe it!

If it helps at all, I believe in you ❤️

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