Dream big!

But think deeply about this first….

The initial wish that comes to mind might be at the surface of what it is that you truly want….

I was with a client last week and he told me that he wants an understanding and supportive wife.

My first question was, “How are you supportive and understanding to her?”

At first he was surprised by the question, not realizing that modelling what you want from others may be a good place to start. Shortly thereafter, he told me a number of things that he was doing that were supportive and understanding.

My second question was, “Does she feel supported and understood through those things?”

He couldn’t answer this question… because he didn’t know.

Then, clarity!

He was looking for bravery.

His fear was preventing him from taking the first step toward kind, effective communication.

He now knew that this kind of communication is essential to foster a relationship filled with understanding and support.

I like to look at this like a tree. There are thousands of leaves on a tree and each one of them may be a wish. All those leaves are nourished by the elements that travel up the trunk. If you can figure out what that one trunk is, then all of your wishes can be nourished.

So before you wave your wand, you may want to determine the actual trunk wish!

Do you know your wish?

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