Transitions are inevitable, but how we perceive them is optional….

With all the personal development that I’ve done with my coach, alongside the hundreds of people I’ve supported with changes throughout their lives, I was starting to think transitions were a snap. But today, as we transition into autumn, I am thinking back on all my opportunities for practice and I am surprised by my most recent struggle: my youngest child is no longer interested in spending as much time with me.

I had already gone through this with my first… I knew it was coming… And still, I’m creating a little suffering around my sadness.

I can see all the positives: my boy is maturing, he’s becoming more independent, he’s building beautiful friendships, he’s preparing himself for his future. And my brain knows this is amazing. But my heart bleeds, it feels the hurt.

I get to feel all the feels. And I get to do it from a place of love—love for him and for myself. I get to cut myself some slack, allow for the hurt, learn to embrace the resistance until it isn’t resistance anymore. It’s all part of my human experience.

Now, instead of being overwhelmed by the hurt, I can appreciate it. Sounds weird, eh? But that hurt is just a doorway into my love for my son. However I perceive it is always up to me…!

What challenging transitions are you navigating right now? How might you be able to see them through a lens that inspires rather than erodes?

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