For those of you who know me, I’m a giver. I feel support when others create the space for me to support them. Although, this is a relatively new discovery. There have been times in my life when I thought, “Dave gives and gives and gives, but who gives to Dave?” What I didn’t realize that this was just a call for me to give to myself.

Who supports you? What are all the things you can do to support yourself?

When our children are throwing tantrums, when we have deadlines at work, when our friends or family are sick—during these potentially stressful times, how do you find calm?

As part of my self-care, I went out with a great friend last night. We spoke about how he has a dial, like the volume on a stereo. When the shit hits the fan in his life, he can adjust the dial so that he is in charge of the intensity. We may not be able to implement this practice every time, but knowing that we have a choice to determine the value of each instance is empowering!

Next time you’re faced with something challenging in your life, what can you do to create the support that you need?

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