For years I told myself that I have never been very good at rest and relaxation.

I’m a pretty social guy and do prioritize plenty of time to spend with my favourite people, but for a long time it didn’t feel restful to me. I felt the same way about all the things I was doing to keep up with my life—cleaning up the house, cleaning up after my kids, maintaining my property and my business, and navigating all the volunteering I do for my kids and community. It never felt restful so I couldn’t feel relaxed.

People have learned to relate those two things: rest = relaxation.

I had a client whose goal was to always relax and enjoy himself. Well, I challenged him to see how his narrative limited his capacity to enjoy himself because it was completely reliant on relaxation.

This is just an association that we have built in our mind.

When I finally realized I had boxed myself into thinking I had to be restful in order to feel relaxed, I truly relaxed!

I’m now relaxed while I do dishes.

I’m now relaxed when I’m in meetings.

I’m now relaxed in my parenting.

I’m now relaxed in my marriage.

I’m now more relaxed than I’ve ever been and getting more relaxed every day.

What mindset shift can you make in order to bring relaxation into every moment?

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