So many people, including my beautiful children, have this little voice in their head that reminds them of all the things they are doing ‘wrong’.

“You shouldn’t have said that….”

“Did you just do the exact same thing again? Are you ever going to learn?”

“You just aren’t as smart as _________.”

“You just aren’t as pretty as _________.”

“You just aren’t as strong as _________.”

Well, who created that voice? Or who the f#@$ invited them to the party?

You did.

And… you likely did it when you were little. It’s understandable though; it was just to keep yourself feeling safe.

It may be time to thank that voice for keeping you safe for all these years, and then introduce another voice you can create, just like you created the last one, but this time have it be a more encouraging or even inspiring voice.

Since all of the above quotes are completely arbitrary, just write some new ones:

“Saying that really stirred the pot. Let’s see what comes from it!”

“That was an excellent reminder. I’m so glad I caught it. Each time it happens I’m closer to it never happening again.”

“I’m smart. I’m pretty. I’m strong!”

You’ve got several voices in your head. But which one are you going to listen to…? It’s always up to you. Being intentional about which voice you listen to is one way that I define success!

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