At the men’s group that I facilitated on Friday night, one of the men stepped into his bravery and shared that he is lonely. I found this to be an incredibly brave choice!

Brene Brown shared a story in her book, Daring Greatly, about a man who explained to her that his family would rather see him die atop his white steed than fall off. And for generations, we humans have been putting so much pressure on ourselves to be heroes, that we’ve forgotten how to be humans.

Humans share.
Humans love.
Humans connect.

If we take a moment to look around, all we will see is connection. The trees are connected to the earth. The bees are connected to the flowers. The oceans are connected to the moon. The Earth is connected to the Sun. Everything around us lives within this incredible connection, and we humans seem to have figured out ways to disconnect. How many people do you walk by in a day without saying hello? How many times have you wished you’d reached out to your people more? Or wished that they’d reached out to you more, but still didn’t reach out to them instead?

When you read the above statement, who came to mind? Can you reach out to them right now? Please do! Let’s return humanity to its natural state of connection and unite in a way that we haven’t been able to do for so long.

If we really do our best, maybe we can eradicate loneliness.

Sending love.

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