An insecure confidence which was running in the background and stopping me from showing up powerfully.

During our 90 min session we unlocked the childhood incident that triggered the “not enoughness” which had plagued my psyche since I was 7.

He expertly guided me to show up as adult me to console my 7 year old and integrate that experience in a deep way that my mind is struggling to see that event as a negatively charged experience. Wow!

As that domino fell so did the list of inadequacies that haunted my brain every day. They were transformed into the very attributes that allow me to support my coaching clients who are challenged by the same issues.

My Super Power!

Now I don’t have to drive myself non stop everyday to make up for all the inadequacies. I can actually allow myself to relax. That in itself is HUGE!!!

Overall a great cadence which created multiple life changing insights in a very short time.

Truly grateful. Thanks Dave!

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