For me it was the idea that I’ve been carrying around baggage about being hurt.

We’ve all been hurt in different ways and it affects us all uniquely. I know people who have had what might seem like a small event and still feel significant trauma, and those who have lived major catastrophes yet feel more whole as a result.

My prior hurts, along with my automated ways of thinking, were creating a worry that I will be hurt again. Albeit infrequent, I would still find myself needing to push through my worry that I might let myself down.

It wasn’t until my coach recently asked me how I was doing that I had this breakthrough. I told him that I’ve been navigating a knee injury, and that my knee has been hurting. “How has life been with that pain?” He asked. And my response was that I’ve never felt stronger because of the efforts that I’ve been putting into rehab.

“In what other areas of your life have you been feeling stronger because of your hurt?” He replied.

And that question revealed my faulty way of thinking: I had spent my entire life believing that hurt was bad, but hurt has always been the foundation of my strength. And figuring this out helped me feel even stronger….

I’d like to wish you all incredible insights over this holiday season. May you all find your incredible strength, even in the things that have had you feeling vulnerable.

“Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.” —Brené Brown

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