I was out with a client on Sunday night. We had a fire on the beach and really dove into the things that were so troubling for him. We’ve been working together for years, we go deep, diving into the depth of who he really is…. But sometimes there are layers that our protection plans have promised to never reveal. But just like the insurance companies that offer these plans, there can be a loophole!

On Sunday we found it!

All the walls that had been built to protect him from the big hurts of his childhood were causing him micro hurts everyday the results of which were net negative—the micro hurts were causing much more daily pain than releasing the macro hurt would. And one beautiful, crisp Sunday night this became obvious. The biggest hurt of his life boiled to the surface, and you know what?n It wasn’t so bad. With a little curiosity and guidance, he was able to navigate it with calm and grace. The big hurt wasn’t so big after all. The daily micro hurts were so much worse.

That night, my client discovered just how strong he actually is! He realized that all his pain was just an avenue to resilience. He realized that he didn’t ever need to protect himself from the hurt within.

The results:

He moved from a stuck, hurt, angry, scared, immature child to a calm, proud, curious, loving, present father an husband.

One never knows the exact moment of a breakthrough, but when they come, a new found love, joy, relief creeps into everything.

Life can be a beautiful blessing once we can see the light.

I’ll bring a torch if you’re willing to jump in.

With such love and admiration for my brave clients,


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