What are some of your life goals?

One of mine is to support people globally with creating their own peace of mind. Milan Fraszczak asked me to be a guest on his new podcast, and I’m hoping it may help people develop some pathways to peace of mind. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

What are your best strategies for getting along with the people to whom you feel closest?

Caution?Compromise?Understanding?Avoidance?Communication? Or maybe you don’t strategize…. I realized recently that I incorporate strategies into many of my relationships. This can be totally energizing or totally exhausting, depending on whether I’m in charge of the strategizing or my neuroses are steamrolling with them. My father was an incredible man. He lived in war and loss and […]

What do you do when the people around you are hurting?

Do you hurt alongside them?Do you avoid?Do you feel confused, not knowing what to do to help? So many of us carry some sort of burden. So many of us are wired to see the negative and we tend to dwell there…. We write horrific stories about the future. We catastrophize the present. We stray […]

Do you believe that you’re driven?

 have always been a driven person…. Actually, that’s not true. When I was young I was not very driven at all. In fact, I preferred watching TV and playing video games to most other things. Socializing was number one, but screens were number two. I started to feel drive when my inadequacy story really began […]

How open are you with your love?

This could be taken in so many ways…. In this case I mean it from a place of generosity, particularly with yourself. I believe that I have a deep, loving, respectful, appreciative, collaborative relationship with my wife, one that lives in complete freedom to be ourselves and to support each other with living the best […]

How well do you navigate life transitions?

Transitions are inevitable, but how we perceive them is optional…. With all the personal development that I’ve done with my coach, alongside the hundreds of people I’ve supported with changes throughout their lives, I was starting to think transitions were a snap. But today, as we transition into autumn, I am thinking back on all […]

I went to BurningMan this year with my family. It was amazing!

We did so many incredible things, including celebrating each other for being ourselves. It was so beautiful for @Tara Robens Romalis and I to witness our children experiencing something completely new, unique, spectacular, vast, and deep. And this only got better when the rain came. MUDmageddon! And our family thrived. We deepened our connections with […]

What’s the bravest thing you could do today?

I am sitting at the computer this morning feeling great! When I feel this awake, motivated, and relaxed I’ll stir things up a little… mostly because I’m a glutton for personal development. So today I asked myself about the bravest thing I could do and something came to mind immediately… and then I got that […]