When people work on their goals, they typically find something that resonates but might not be at the core of what they are really trying to achieve.

When I ran a marathon in 2010, I believed that my goal was to finish in under four hours. As a glutton for personal development though, reflectively, I wanted to determine what the goal beneath that goal was….

In those moments we can ask ourselves: If I achieve this, what will that bring to my life? And we can ask that question repeatedly until we find the core goal.

So why did I really run the marathon?

To build my confidence that I could do all the things on my life’s bucket list! Or so I thought….

Then I asked myself the question again: If I check off all the things on my bucket list, what will that bring to my life?

And the answer to that one is fulfillment!

I want to feel fulfilled in my life.

Now that I know this, I can always guide myself toward it. And when I deviate from the fulfilment path, I can just steer myself back to it. I can look to all areas of my life, everyday, and focus on fulfilment. If I don’t find something fulfilling, I have two great options: Make it fulfilling or move on.

When we know what we’re aiming for, we can find a way to make sure that’s always where we direct ourselves.

What’s your goal beneath the goal?

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